Code of Conduct

Employees will :

 1- ensure that all activities are carried out honestly within the highest standards of professional integrity,

2- by proper management control, create and maintain a high standard of confidence that all duties will be performed in a conscientious and diligent manner.

3- observe all national and international laws and any local regulations appertaining to the shipping industry

4-operate from a permanent address with all the necessary facilities and equipment to conduct business in an efficient and timely manner.

 5-take great care to avoid any misrepresentaion and ensure that all activities are subject to the principles of honesty and fair dealing.

6-ensure that for all dealings, the necessary authority is held from the proper party and that no action will be taken which knowing exceed that authority.

7-ensure that owner/charterer/shipper or their agents be treated as customer one cargo at any one time.

8-ensure that all business enquiries are bona fide by making all reasonable en-quiries before placing them.

Code of Conduct